Writer and Director Chris Kraus
Born 1963 in Göttingen.

After working as a journalist and illustrator, he studied at the DFFB German Film and Television Academy Berlin from 1991-1998, where he is now himself a lecturer. Chris Kraus initially made his name as a scriptwriter for among others: Prélude (1992, Director: Fillipos Tsitos), Der Einstein des Sex (THE einstein of sex) (1999, Director: Rosa von Praunheim), LiebesLuder (BUNDLE OF JOY) (2000, Director: Detlev Buck) and Basta - Rotwein oder Totsein (C(R)ook) (2004, Director: Pepe Danquart).

His directing debut Scherbentanz (shattered glass) (2002) was awarded, among others, two Bavarian Film Awards (Best New Director and Best Actress: Margit Carstensen), the Deutschen Drehbuchpreis (German Script Award), the Deutscher Kamerapreis (German Camera Award), the “Goldene Kamera” (Golden Camera) for Lead Actor Jürgen Vogel and the New Talent Award for the Best New Director.

FOUR MINUTES won the Baden-Württemberg State Award 2004 for Best Script, before shooting even began. In total, Chris Kraus worked on FOUR MINUTES for over eight years.

“I’ve always believed that motivation was just another word for talent. But what happens when it’s different? When someone has talent but no motivation? In the story of an artist, I find this a totally crazy combination, to tell the story of a person, who can do so much, but really doesn’t want to. Most artists, me included, are driven by the fear that it could be the other way around.“
(Chris Kraus)